Important notice


The APS-FREEPORT-TERMINAL has some restrictions, which are:
  1. The APS Terminal allows 5 days free of storage charges, starting with the day of discharge from the Ocean-vessel.  The Storage-charges are USD 10 per unit and day thereafter.
  2. Consignee / Person which picks up the vehicle at the APS Terminal at Freeport, TX must make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance.
  3. Pick-up for vehicles (POV) are only possible on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 08:00 H a.m. to 11:45 H a.m.
  4. In addition, Consignee / Person which pick-up the vehicle must also pay a TWIC- Escort-Fee in cash at the time of pick-up, unless they have an active TWIC Card. US-Military-Service-Members will need to have a TWIC Card as well or pay the escort fee.  The escort fee is between $100-150 cash!


This is a new safety regulation, for all USED vehicles (more than 100 miles on the odometer), because the starter-battery needs to be disconnected for the ocean-transportation.

The special instruction sheet is as of today mandatory for all shipments to SAN DIEGO, CA / LONG BEACH, CA / PORT HUENEME, CA. Therefore, we are forced to ask the Shipper to provide us with the information / a memo as specified on the sample.

The required information / preparation are as follows :

  1. Shipper has to point out the area, where the starter battery of the vehicle is located. – to be noted on the memo. If the area is covered, the cover has to be removed prior to drop-off (but can be shipped with the vehicle), so the battery is seen und accessible. Photo is to be taken (see: link) of the uncovered battery area - and the photo is to be copied into the memo.
  2. If there is any special instruction, on how to disconnect or connect the negative pole of the battery, - to be noted on the memo.
  3. If the battery area is accessible through an electrical locked or electrical opened area, - it’s to be noted on the memo on how to access the area.

The sample instruction can be used and the above mentioned information (highlighted in red) as well as the picture of the battery area can be copied in accordingly.
A copy of the memo has to be placed on the passenger seat of the vehicle, at drop-off / deliver and before the vehicle is loaded onto the truck or for self-delivery to the port, prior to the hand-over at the port.

Please be informed, that this is a new security measurement of the ocean-carrier for the vessel-, staff- and cargo-security for the Ro/Ro-ocean-transport by NYK-Lines.

Without this written instructions, with picture, NYK informed us, that they are NOT able to load the vehicle otherwise.