UPDATE II: Fourth victim recovered, FBI boards cargo ship

»A fourth victim’s body has been recovered from the site of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in the Patapsco River, officials said.

Salvage teams recovered a vehicle with a body trapped inside while they were working Monday to clear the channel of debris, said Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott. Six construction workers were repairing potholes on the bridge on March 26 when it collapsed. The workers plummeted to their deaths, and two remain missing.

FBI agents boarded the Dali, the Singapore-flagged ship responsible for the collapse, on Monday. The Washington Post reported that the FBI opened a criminal investigation focusing on the container ship, which was carrying about 4,700 containers, when it rammed into the bridge just minutes into its journey from Baltimore to Sri Lanka.

The bridge collapse shuttered the Port of Baltimore, landing a blow to the state’s economy.«

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